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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas issues

So, most people know I'm not a huge fan of Christmas.

I love Jesus. 
I love that he was born the way he was (fulfilling the scriptures). 
I love that we celebrate the birth of our Lord.

I don't love the rest.
The decorations, the gifts, the pressure.
Mostly, becuase I don't understand why we do them.
I really should do some research on that.....

We try to simplify.
And I think we do, a lot.
Our kids get 3 presents each (from Troy and myself), and we don't do Santa.

Then my over acheiver self just can't keep it simple.
We make about 200 cards with family magnets (it is a tradition now).
We make vanilla, cinnamon rolls, and many kinds of homemade cookies for gifts.

I wonder what it all has to do with Jesus.
I've finally stopped thinking about it and started asking God,
"How you YOU want me to celebrate my Lord's birth?"

I'm still working through my Christmas issues, but I'm making a conscience effort to enjoy more of the season than I originally wrote off years ago.

I've begun really listening to Christmas songs (at least the ones about Jesus, I still can't stand secular ones) and thinking about the lyrics.  I can't tell you how much this has helped to put my heart in a better place to wonder (and be amazed) about how Jesus came to earth.

I've realized I really don't like sharing celebrating such a holy time with those who don't see it as that and celebrate Christmas they way they want for their own reasons.  I actually resent those who take part in Christmas without recognizing and focusing on Christ.  This is not one of my good realizations.  I'm sure resentment is not what Jesus would want at his birthday party.  I'm working/praying through that.

Even with me wrestling through my Christmas issues, it is still happening all around me. 
 My children were so proud of the tree they decorated by themselves.  I can actually enjoy watching them with this chore tradition since we bought plastic ornaments, bows, and fake flowers to be used as decorations.  Even Maggie at 18 months can shove a bouquet of gold poinsettias into the tree, and it will stay put.
 Troy was hanging up garland outside at the request of Livia.  She does have an artistic eye.
 Seeing my babies taking control over how they want to celebrate the birth of Jesus makes me happy.
I'm looking forward to some of the traditions we come up with together as I get answers to my prayers, and they grow in the Lord.  It may or may not look like this, but I'm sure it will be a time where we feel the presence of Jesus and we are together, like this.

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