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Friday, December 2, 2011

My Peppers are on Fire!

I had some goat cheese left over from an appetizer I made for a party.
 So I roasted some roasted peppers to go with my goat cheese.
My friend asked be how I did it and she could not figure out how they don't burn on as open flame.
So here they are.  See?  No flaming peppers!
The flame is on medium, and it only takes a few mins to rotate them around to burn and bubble the skin.  I could have should have roasted them longer, but I had to run and pick up Ginnie from pre-school. (Time management is not my best skill!)
 Once they were nicely charred (more is better than less!) I put them in a paper bag to steam and cool down.
 The steam loosens the charred outer skin from the tender inside skin.
When those babies are cooled (or in my case, when I got back from getting Ginnie and fixing the kids lunch) I just peeled off the outer burned layer to reveal the sweet, soft peppers.  It was easy to remove the seeds and stem too.  Just rinse off any little black bits with water.

I like to store them in an air tight container with olive oil in the fridge and bring them to room temp (or nuke a little) before eating.

These 3 peppers were a yummy snack on toasted baguette and goat cheese, and I threw the rest in some homemade hummus. 

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