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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Think the Declaration of Independence smelled like blueberries?

Yeah, me neither.  But it would be cool.
Ha ha, a scratch and sniff historical document!
Well, I thought our not-completely-historically-accurate
history lesson making blueberry ink went well.
(That sounds really bad!) :O
 You need blueberries, salt, vinegar, and a strainer.
 Liv mashed the blueberries in the strainer to get the juice.
 George added the salt and Liv added the vinegar.
 The kids cut their feathers at an angel.
 Then came the fun part. 
Testing out their quills and writing in blueberry ink!
We talked about how Thomas Jefferson used a quill and ink to write the Declaration of Indenpence.
(One appreciates pencils/erasers and better yet, a word processor,
after realizing how many times a document must have been copied to get it perfect!)
We picked out names, and talked about a few, such as John Hancock.
This was a perfect transition in writing their names!
 George could always use some print practice.
 And Livia is working on connecting her letters when writing in cursive.
Of course, I let them just draw to have fun with their quills and ink after our lesson.

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