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Friday, February 25, 2011

Area Rug

We are seriously blessed.
My sweet Uncle found and delivered great carpet for us to install.
Our sweet friend gave us a wonderful recommendation for a carpet installer dude.  
(Who was awesome!)

We had some carpet left after putting it in 2 bedrooms, the hallway, and stairs, so Troy and I decided to use it for an area run in the living room.  It ended up being a big area rug!  I was going to roll it up during the warm weather months, but now I'm not so sure....

Anyways, Troy ordered some carpet binding online and we did it ourselves.  It doesn't look completely professional, but we are Ok with that.  
It is a good, cheap way to have a little insulation on the main floor.  
I can't believe how much quieter things sound!
We did it when the kids were in bed, but the kittens were just as curious as the kids would have been.
Oh yes, and my Uncle even got us padding!
See what I mean, not quite professional.  ha ha.
It was def a two person job.  
Troy unrolled and held it, while I lined up the adhesive and pressed it on the bottom of the carpet.
He had to do that job, because I know I would have gotten mad at the obnoxious coil.  
Troy is MUCH more patient than I.
The we glued it on.  
I got to glue and Troy got stuck holding it together until it was secure.  
He got more burnt fingers than me!
Some bonding time (no pun intended), a few red fingers, a blister or two later....
We had a bound area rug!

Now, who wants to paint????

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