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Monday, February 28, 2011

100 day!

We have come to another important day on the school calendar.  I don't remember celebrating this momentous occasion in school, myself, but hey- what's another reason to party?
We have reached our 100th day of school!
For Liv and George is means a few things.

They get to count out their 100 pennies that they have earned for each day of school, group them, exchange them for nickels, then dimes to spend at the dollar store.  (I spotted them the 6% sales tax)
Livia was in charge of filling out the 100 day chart this year. 
George was in charge of filling in the calendar everyday.
For some reason, they were surprised that it was 100 day.
Not like we haven't bee counting down for 100 days!
It was interesting to see who just grabs the first toy they see, and who contemplates.  
I knew Liv was a thinker, but it was funny to see George weigh his options.  
Ginnie was perfectly happy with her play baby bottle from the beginning.
I could not get a good shot of them paying for their transactions, while wearing the baby, chasing after Ginnie, and not annoying the lady in line behind us.  
Liv purchased a bag of toy lizards, George, and gun contraption that shot off foam airplanes, and Ginnie a bottle for her baby doll. 

We had more counting/eating/partying planned, but it was the first nice day (70 degrees!) we forgot all about 100 day and played outside for the rest of the day.

George will be in charge of recording on the 100 chart next year for his Kindergarten work.

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