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Monday, February 14, 2011

Water's skin

Did you know that the surface of water has some of the same properties of skin?  Well, I'm sure we all did know it, but I had no idea that would be anything that needs to be taught, or that water's "skin" would be a good analogy that kids would understand.  This is when I love a good curriculum. 

 We added quarters to a full cup of water to watch the "skin" stretch above the lip of the cup.
 We added a paperclip to sit in the "skin."  The same way water bugs skim the surface of water.  Once we added dish soap to make the "skin" stretchy, the paperclip fell in.  The kids thought I was a magician.  I thought it was pretty cool myself.


  1. I read the title of this too quickly--was ready to read about "Walter's Skin."

    "Who's Walter?" I thought. But I instead discovered that you ARE a magician, as are most home schooling moms. :)

  2. If I was a better reader/writer, this would not be as funny, but alas- "Walter's Skin" could have been a real mishap! I'm more famous for typos/misspellings than magic tricks! LOL