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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd Christmas

Like many families we swap holidays.  Since this year was a Pocomoke Christmas, we had Christmas #2 in PA on New Years weekend.

 Ginnie was in rare sorts, pacing the fire place, itching to open gifts.  She usually doesn't care that much.
 I am wondering if Ginnie got that attribute from her namesake (Nana).  She is rarely sitting down, unless she is working and multitasking.
 As if her Pop Pop is any better.
 Maggie is much more subtle than Ginnie, but she can grab your attention and keep it.
 After Nana and Pop Pop's gifts were handed out, Ginnie got to open hers.  The older kids were more mellow.  You know, Christmas professionals.
 Then the weekend began.  Eating, eating, and more eating!  Maggie is digging her first oatmeal cookie!
 The traditional pomegranates, mangoes, oranges from the stockings (along with a lot of really good chocolate and $) are always a hit.  My kids will nosh on pom seeds all day.  Troy's dad just laughs at them eating the seeds and not thinking anything of it.  It's good roughage.
Ginnie Jr. is earning a place in the Nana movie chair by sitting still for more than 2 mins at a time.
 Yes, we brought heavy coats, but is was strangely warm for snow on the ground.  (Not that I was out there.  Don't be silly.  There is SNOW out there.  Gross.)  Besides the thin layers that bring our parenting in question, who let's their kids build snowmen with BARE HANDS?? 
 She is pretty cute.
 And, if that wasn't enough, the kids decided she needed a friend.
 Did you know that Troy's Mom will walk around outside barefoot in 2 degree weather, and then complain that her arms are cold?  These folk are a strange breed. I shouldn't question the bare hand snow building too much, I guess.
 George is caught with a mouth full of snowman nose.
And the smart ones are inside, in jammies, still eating and playing.

I would like that to be my New Year's Resolution.  To live the year inside in my jammies.  I pretty much do it during the winter anyway....

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