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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Trees

(First off, please disregard the pajamas.  
My kids don't get snow days, so I allow for plenty of pajama days.  
It is winter, after all!)

We were discussing our heritage all the way back to Adam, Noah, Abe, Isaac, and Jacob to the 12 tribes of Israel (an on to Jesus).  We learned about making a family tree that shows X was married to Y and Z begot little z.  Liv picked up on it right away.
To show a different family tree, but realizing it does not give as much detail as the first one, we made our family tree in a tree form.  The kids loved decorating the branches with leaves.  It was also a good way to remind them which cousins belong to which Aunts and Uncles, since we don't get to see them all the time. (We did this verbally when they told me who to write.)

I don't know how wrong this is, but I thought it was clever.  
Liv decided to put Grandmom's leaf on the ground since she was no longer with us.  
Her words, "Well, that is what happens to leaves when they die." 
What can I say?

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